Visual Arts and Multimedia

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department’s philosophy is to introduce students in Grades 7 and 8 to as many different forms of art media as possible regardless of their experience or previous exposure to art.  Keeping the curriculum varied enables each student to find a medium that he or she can excel in, resulting in the student broadening his or her knowledge of, and appreciation for, the visual arts.

In completing four to six projects per semester, art students accumulate significant experience in all visual media, including watercolour painting, printmaking, stencil construction, oil pastels, acrylics on canvas, photography, stop-motion animation and a variety of different sculptural materials.  Students share their wonderful works of art at our annual year-end High School vernissage in the month of May, open to invited guests.


In the final year of High School, the Grade 11 class dives into the vast umbrella of Multimedia.  Multimedia is a survey course that covers a wide variety of elements of media production.  By starting with photography, students learn what is behind creating a strong digital image.  Through classroom presentations and workshops, the students learn how to take a visually appealing photo with good colour contrast, variety of shape, good subject matter, and applying the “rule of thirds.”

While the fundamentals of photography are developed in the first semester, the class proceeds to learning how to develop film clips in a variety of genres.  Students study the principals of film and its structure by exploring camera angles, lighting, and developing moods. Progressively, the students begin to incorporate a script and direct actors, in the third semester.  By presenting and discussing different genres of film that display the elements cited above, the hope is that students becomes more  active and critical viewers of media arts.


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