At the heart of Hebrew Academy High School is the Judaic Studies Program, designed to instill in our students a love of Torah, a commitment to Mitzvot and a love for the land and nation of Israel.

With a rich curriculum including Talmud, Chumash, Navi, Tefila and Halacha and Jewish Literature, the goal of our Judaic Studies program is to engage students in an active life of Torah and learning.

In Talmud, all students from Grade 7 through 11 study the same Massechet each year to facilitate cross-grade learning programs outside the classroom.  Over the course of their five years of high school, students cover the five books of the Torah. The Navi program includes studies of Neviim Rishonim, Haftarot and Megilot. In each of these courses, Hebrew Academy strives to not only share our rich heritage with the students, but to develop skills reading and translating biblical texts, analyzing commentaries and learning to uncover the many layers of the texts of the Torah.

The Jewish Literature or Safa program is very rich and varied.  Classes are conducted in Modern Hebrew and students work to develop both their oral and written language skills through the exploration of selected texts, Israeli music, newspapers and active class discussions.

Each day, our students pray both Shacharit and Mincha, with a choice of Ashkenazi or Sepharadi prayer services. Our female students benefit from a unique program that incorporates daily learning and reflections on the theme of prayer.

Outside the classroom, our curriculum is enhanced through opportunities for group learning, extracurricular activities, lunchtime learning, “Shnaim Mikrah Achad Targum”groups and “Tehilim” groups.  Our high school also benefits from the presence of an onsite Kollel with staff from Israel which provides holiday programming for our students and strengthen our connection with the land of Israel.

Our dedicated team of teachers work diligently to maximize their time with our students both in and outside the classroom.

We are proud of our many students who opt to continue their post-secondary studies in Israel, where they thrive in seminaries and Yeshivot.  Our greatest joy comes from our alumni who internalize the lessons they have learned at Hebrew Academy, serving as leaders within their respective communities.



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