In sync with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, Hebrew Academy recognizes the importance of technology in the educational process. For every subject and every program, we emphasize the integration of technology and modern communication techniques into the curricula.

The educational process is no exception to this rule. Hebrew Academy provides our teachers and students access to SMART Boards and internet connectivity in all Elementary and High School classrooms. High School students are encouraged to bring laptops to school, and to use them for note-taking, collaboration on various school projects, research, classroom and individual study. From Science class to arts and from languages to Tanach – we are constantly striving to develop our students’ curiosity and critical thinking, by exposing them to the world at large in a monitored and guided environment.

Following are highlights of some of our most recent initiatives:

  • An upgrade of our IT infrastructure: new laptops for students’ use, maintenance and upgrades to our existing computers, faster and more secure Internet service;
  • An improvement of our network’s reliability;
  • Enhanced IT tech support for all of our operations;
  • Implementation of a newly-revised educational technology curriculum, fully integrated with course subjects;
  • Ongoing educational IT support and training for teachers and office staff in the use of computers, the Windows environment and common office applications;
  • Development of technology pilot programs, followed by a general transition to the “cloud”, through the use of Google Apps for Education;
  • Enhanced communication with our constituents, through emails, shared calendars, documents, forums and groups.
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