The main goal of the Geography Program is to develop students’ civic awareness through knowledge acquisition, reflection and problem-solving. Classes are taught in French, and students are encouraged to interact with one another and hone their French language skills in a learning environment that welcomes student participation and class discussions.

Over the course of their High School education, Hebrew Academy students develop the following competencies in Geography:

  • Understand the organization of a territory
  • Interpret conflicts around territories and understand the people, groups and interests behind them; practice being responsible, involved citizens who work together for the collective good
  • Develop an appreciation for the role of global citizenship

Students study different types of territories such as urban, regional and agricultural territories, industrial, energy-producing and forest regions, Native and protected territories and those vulnerable to natural hazards, and tourist regions. Classes incorporate a variety of teaching tools including texts, Powerpoint presentations, films, media articles, discussions, oral presentations and individual and group research assignments.

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