Message from the Head of School

The educational flagship of Modern Orthodoxy in Montreal

Hebrew Academy has a long and proud history as a school dedicated to fostering commitment to Torah and Mitzvot, to openness to the best of general culture, to Chessed and community service, and to a sense of responsibility for the welfare of Medinat Yisrael and of the Jewish People. In recent years the school’s reputation for excellence has been enhanced with the introduction of new programs and initiatives and with the appointment of talented and dedicated educational leaders. A good school, however, cannot be complacent; it must always be introspective and in quest of fresh and even better ideas and accomplishments.  I look forward enthusiastically to working collaboratively with the administration and faculty to build upon this solid foundation in a manner which is consistent with the mission of Hebrew Academy and which serves the individual needs of students and families in an atmosphere of mutual respect and the joy and excitement of learning and growth.


Dr. Kalman Stein
Head of School

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