Early Intervention

Early Intervention is the process of identifying and supporting students at risk before problems arise and become difficult to address. The goal of early intervention is to provide Kindergarten students with opportunities to become successful learners from the start. The Early Intervention program at Hebrew Academy aims to support students in their acquisition of the following basic skills needed to be successful in school and in life:

  • Pre-reading – letter recognition (i.e. upper case and lower case letters), letter-sound recognition, rhyming, syllabication, beginning sound of a word, comprehension strategies (i.e. answering questions about a story, making predictions)
  • Language Skills and Social Interactions – using new vocabulary in speech, turn-taking in conversation, initiating conversation
  • Pre-Math – number recognition, comparing (i.e. more/less)
  • Print knowledge – directionality (reading from left to right, following lines in a book), how to handle books (turning pages in sequence), knowing parts of a book (cover, back, title, author, illustrator)

BJEC Early Intervention Program

A team from BJEC visits both Kindergarten classrooms several times anually.  All Kindergarten students’ basic skills (i.e. reading, writing, math, social interaction) are screened at the beginning and end of the school year.  The screening process is done in small groups in a relaxed, non-threatening manner.   The BJEC team works closely with  classroom teachers to integrate specific strategies to enable students to successfully acquire their basic skills.  The results of the screenings are forwarded to the administrators and the Grade 1 teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Early Intervention Support

Early Intervention and RTI Coordinator Leona Lands visits both Kindergarten classrooms to observe how students are learning. Teachers Karen Gurman and Lauren Thurber work with students both individually and in small groups on a weekly-basis to hone their pre-reading, math and writing skills.

In February, Barbara Bobrow and her team from the Learning Associates of Montreal screen Kindergarten students around their acqusition of important basic skills.  They identify students who need additional support and offer recommendations to both parents and teachers.

Resources for Parents

For any questions, please contact Director of Academic Support Services Beth Moskovic at 514-489-5321 ext. 355 or beth.moskovic@ha-mtl.org.

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