Bat Mitzvah Program

A highlight of the Grade 6 year is the Bat Mitzvah Program, marking the milestone when girls become responsible for and obligated in the performance of Mitzvot. While preparation for this meaningful signpost begins as early as preschool in Hebrew Academy and continues with formal Limudei Kodesh studies throughout Elementary School, the Bat Mitzvah year places a special emphasis on the various requirements and obligations of a Bat Torah in an educational, spiritual, and interactive way.

The Bat Mitzvah Program is a yearlong program that includes formal textual learning about the obligation of Jewish adults and women in particular in the performance of Mitzvot.  It comprises an introduction to the Jewish men and women who shaped our history through their actions, their Sifrei Kodesh and Jewish traditions; a living curriculum in the observance of Mitzvot and Chessed; guest speakers, activities, Simcha dancing, Shabbatonim, Melave Malka celebrations, a Henna celebration, joint parent- and-daughter learning, art, baking and, of course, the very exciting group Bat-Mitzvah celebration.

A key component of the Bat Mitzvah Program is the involvement of Kollel Torah Mitzion and our Bnot Sheirut, who plan activities for the girls and their parents and who serve as shining examples for the girls to emulate by way of their daily role modelling.

The Bat Mitzvah Program is an opportunity for girls and their parents to spend quality time together, for classmates to bond with each other, for the girls to get hands-on experience performing chessed in our community and in the world at large, and for the girls to gain experience in the preparation and sharing of Divrei Torah which they do on a regular basis throughout the year.

The Bat Mitzvah Program features an exciting evening ceremony and celebration for family and friends that includes Divrei Torah, Shira and lots of Simcha.

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