As parents, we serve as role models for our children. Volunteering at Hebrew Academy is the best way to show our children that we care about their school, their education and our community. There are a number of ways you can volunteer:

Shalom Committee

Welcome new families to our school, share upcoming events and facilitate their transition to HA.  Initiatives have included a Welcome Breakfast, distribution of Rosh Hashana baskets, Chanukah gifts and Mishloach Manot to new families.

Lunch Program

Supervise and assist our children during lunchtime on a day of your choice.

Development Committee

Organize and run fundraising initiatives that help to ensure Hebrew Academy’s long term financial sustainability, including our Annual Campaign and Hebrew Academy Raffle.

Health Committee

Oversee  students’ health and well-being and advise on such issues as nutrition, menus, cafeteria procedures, lice-checks and allergy protocols.

Safety and Security Committee

Work with administrators on issues relating to the security of HA family members both in and out of the building. Areas of concentration include the safety of the building and surrounding grounds, as well as security protocols during school outings.

House Committee

Evaluate and oversees major repairs, renovations and construction in the school, ensuring that we receive the best possible pricing and service.

Alumni Relations Committee

Help us to maintain a deep connection with our valued alumni. Update our alumni contacts and news, and inform alumni of upcoming initiatives and events.

Green Committee

Ensure that the school is being as environmentally-friendly as possible vis-à-vis recycling, composting and using biodegradable materials, and educate students and staff on the benefits of being “green” and protecting our planet.

We need you on our team! Please join our committees!

Please contact Linda Lehrer at director@ha-mtl.org or  514-489-5321 ext. 239 or

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