Kollel Torah MiTzion

Hebrew Academy and Kollel Torah MiTzion: A perfect partnership

Housed in Hebrew Academy’s Beit Midrash, Kollel Torah MiTzion (KTM) is an educational centre that offers special lectures, programs, classes and study partners for people of all ages and Jewish backgrounds. KTM’s core staff comprises graduates of Hesder Yeshivot in Israel. These carefully selected young men and couples serve as mentors and role models for their students. Rosh Kollel Rav Yedidyah Noiman and his wife Neta, Bnei Akiva Shlichim Rav Asael and Dana Levin,  and Bachurim Mordechai Hadad and Yitzhak Weiss and Bnot Sherut Noya Dick and Debi Reichenberg are at the helm of KTM alongside KTM Executive Director Chaviva Lifson and Educational Advisor Rabbi Eddie Shostak.

Creative programs geared for all ages

KTM runs a number of creative and informal education programs throughout the year, including High School tishes, movie nights, Motzei Shabbat Family Learning Program for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 6,  a Bat Mitzvah program, Spring Break learning program, Avot U’Vanim learning and basketball evening, Parsha plays for Kindergarten and a lunchtime “Torah-Running” competition, among others.

Elementary and High School students are encouraged to participate in KTM’s Bekiut Club, a popular after-school learning program. Together with Kollel and Hebrew Academy staff and the Bnot Sherut, participants study various Torah and Halachic texts and topics of Jewish thought, geared to their levels of interest and capabilities. They develop a love of Torah and an appreciation for Jewish study outside of school hours and unrelated to tests and grades. In June, KTM holds an annual Siyum and Seudah Shlishit in participants’ honour, where all students are recognized with beautiful Sfarim.


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