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The importance of Chessed

By Rabbi Aron Hazan, High School Judaic Studies Teacher Taken from Sefer Ruach Sabbah Our sages teach us that the Torah begins and ends with Chessed (kindness). In Sefer Breishit, we are told that Hashem was kind to Adam and Chava; He made clothing for them even... read more

We’re making headlines!

Hebrew Academy’s visit from Beit Halochem veterans is featured on page 27 of this week’s Canadian Jewish News! Please click here to read the complete article, as featured on our website on September... read more

A Divine Embrace

by Rabbi Eddie Shostak, Elementary School Rav-Mechanech It was the 1992 Barcelona Olympics; British athlete Derek Redmond took his mark as a favourite to medal in the 400 meter sprint.   The starter’s gun fires, and they’re off.  150 meters into the race Derek... read more

The HEAT is on at JISA!

By High School Director of Athletics and Juvenile Boys Coach Yoni Lehrer Yasher Koach to our HA HEAT soccer players who are participating in the Jewish Interscholastic Sports Association (JISA) Soccer Tournament that runs until October 1. Our Juvenile, Midget and... read more

HS students release Yom Kippur Soulvivor Guide

Just in time for Yom Kippur, Hebrew Academy High School students have released an informative, inspirational guide for Yom Hadin. The H.A Yom Kippur Soulvivor Guide was voluntarily composed by 14 Hebrew Academy High School students in Grades 8 through 11 under the... read more

Dvar Torah: Reflections of a Hebrew Academy Senior

By Mendel Jacobson, Grade 11 student When Moshe was giving  his last speech before the Jewish nation, he said: “When you settle  in the Promised Land, choose the first and best fruits, and with a Cohen, you shall make an offering, saying, ‘We remember when we... read more

Two Shofars on Rosh Hashana.  Which is yours?

by Rabbi Eddie Shostak,  Elementary School Rav-Mechanech Two people walk by a synagogue just as the shofar is being sounded on Rosh Hashana.  Shul windows open, the thunderous notes of the shofar fill the street.  Upon hearing the sound, the first person thinks to... read more

Shana Tova U’Metuka!

On behalf of Hebrew Academy’s Administration, Board of Directors, Faculty and Staff, our best wishes for a Ktiva V’Chatima Tova and a Shana Tova U’Metuka. May all of our Tfillot and Bakashot be answered. May the coming year be A year of good health A... read more

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