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Oren Grunbaum Tournament kicks off 21st year

The 21st Annual Oren Grunbaum Invitational Basketball Tournament  began this morning and continues through Sunday, February 14. Bruchim Habaim to the following participating schools: North Shore Hebrew Academy, Derech HaTorah  and HANC of New York,... read more

Chris Hadfield was out of this world

by Elyse Haber, Elementary English Studies and Technology Integration Coordinator To end our “Space Week” both Grade 3 classes participated in a virtual classroom visit with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on Friday. Two hundred schools across Canada had... read more

How do we react to hatred?

by Rabbi Eddie Shostak, HAES Rav-Mechanech This last year and the last few weeks, the situation of Israel has been on our minds.  We feel, at times paralyzed and helpless.  We feel, at times, empowered to help and visit.  How do we make sense of the violence and... read more

HA Boys’ Talent Show: The Talent Awakens

by Dr. Laura Segall, High School Principal From music to magic and everything in between, Tuesday night was an enjoyable evening of entertainment put on by our Grade 11 boys.  Featuring students from Grades 7 through 11, Hebrew Academy boys showed their stuff on stage... read more


by Rabbi Henoch Singer, Hebrew Academy High School Mashgiach Ruchani Chaim Lieberman, Z”L, a great Yiddish writer, once wrote, “There are many different nations in the world. There are nations that have no ideals, and there are nations that do have ideals. We are an... read more

Children have big plans to change the world

by Karen Gurman, Hebrew Academy Elementary School English Teacher  Every week, Grade 4B takes some time to write just for the love of it. These writing activities normally include quick writes on fun topics or the 100 word challenge (see our class blog and scroll down... read more

Jewish Music Week: A new HA tradition is born

It’s not every day that a talented musician from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM) visits your school and delivers an exclusive performance of Pachelbel’s Canon on her exquisite, 80-pound harp. But then, it’s not every day that your school celebrates Jewish... read more

Working toward a cleaner, more welcoming school

by Richard Bond, Project Coordinator and High School French Studies Department Head As part of the Hebrew Academy, a cleaner and more welcoming school multi-disciplinary project, our High School students have been busy with various activities in the last few months: *... read more

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