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Hakarat Hatov: Dvar Torah on Parshat Beha’alotcha

By Eliana Eisenberg, Grade 6 Hi, my name is Eliana Elsenberg and tomorrow I am graduating from Grade 6 at Hebrew Academy.  This week’s Parsha is Parshat Beha’alotcha. In the parsha, we learn about the Jews leaving Har Sinai after a whole year of camping there. ...

HA student wins Best Pleader at Moot Court of Jewish Law

by High School Principal Dr. Laura Segall The Moot Court of Jewish Law is an eight-year old program founded by the Bronfman Jewish Education Center and McGill University Faculty of Law that introduces Grade 10 students to the intricacies of defending a legal case. ...

HA student wins Third Place in National Chidon HaTanach

With a total of 30 participants who already passed the Regional leg of the International Bible Competition, Hebrew Academy had an incredible showing at this year’s National Chidon HaTanach yesterday in Toronto. Accompanied by Hebrew Academy parents and teachers,...

Gesher Chai program links like-minded peers

Along with the customary blue and white, Israeli flags, balloons, music and holiday-themed cupcakes that annually appear on Yom Ha’Atzmaut at Hebrew Academy, there’s another tradition that students and staff have long come to anticipate: the arrival of a student...

Students discover the beauty of Québec City

by Simon Forget, History and Geography teacher This past week, Grade 9 students took a trip to Québec City as part of their French and History curricula. Chaperoned by the entire French Department staff as well as Judaic Studies Teacher Rabbi David Malca, students...

Greetings from Washington D.C.

Every year during the week of Yom Hashoah, Hebrew Academy Grade 11 students have the option of travelling to Washington D.C. for a few days, where they explore the city’s myriad museums, rich history and culture, and mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with a special...

The parent-child bond at the Seder

by Rabbi Eddie Shostak, Hebrew Academy Elementary School Rav Mechanech, High School Israel Advisor “Ve’Afilu Kulanu Chachamim” – “Even if all of us were wise, all of us understanding, all of us knowing the Torah, we would still be obligated to discuss the exodus from...

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